Defining Data: A Health Marketer's Glossary


The data landscape is changing. With growing concerns about third-party data privacy and Google's planned cookie phase-out in Q4 2024, health marketers need a new approach. More than ever, you need clarity on essential data terms and concepts. 

But data isn't just numbers. It represents real people with real health needs. A good data partner understands this, balancing analytics with empathy. 

In this report, you’ll learn what you need to know to navigate the intersection of data, marketing, and the human side of wellbeing:

  • The benefits of zero and first-party data

  • How to use data to better understand and segment your audience

  • Today’s must-have capabilities in predictive modeling 

  • The basics of today’s sophisticated targeting strategies 

Download the report now and redefine your understanding of data in health marketing.

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