Health Audiences that Act

Health is complex. The way brands engage audiences should reflect that. Healthline Media prioritizes audience trust by ensuring credibility and embracing inclusivity.
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Factors that Attribute to Whole Person Understanding


Health Interests

Looking beyond the surface to capture correlations based on how people actually behave and engage across topics


Health Intentions

A person’s probable next action within context, unlocking the possibility to proactively offer solutions to the people most likely to want them


Health Personas

Purpose-built profiles representing similar groups of people that can be used to reach audiences on a more personal level

“Unsurprisingly the Healthline Media vitamin audience engages with content about vitamins, minerals, and supplements more than any other health topic. But what you might not know is that nutrition happens to be their 2nd most visited health topic, making them 38% more likely to visit this content than the average Healthline user.” - Josh Moffett, Senior Director of Data, Healthline Media


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