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Healthline Media is the #1 health information property in the U.S.,* reaching one-third of the total U.S. digital population. And we’re doing it without compromising the quality of our audiences.
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Audience Overview

million monthly unique visitors*
Comscore top property
consecutive month as largest online health publisher*

Meet Our Primary Audiences


People wanting to make sense of the confusion and noise around staying well. Who are proactive yet sometimes overwhelmed or misinformed. They want clear, practical, actionable answers — without judgment.


Food & Nourishment

People who know food — and their relationship to it — fuels every aspect of their mental and physical health. They seek credible, practical, hyper-relevant answers because they want to tap into the power of nutrition. Click here to learn more.



Parents who know that they need to take care of themselves in order to take care of their kids. They embrace the complex, always fluid, seldom conventional village it takes to raise a child. And yes, they welcome support. 

Health Conditions

People whose journeys are affected by conditions and the challenges that come with them. They respond to a balance of medical science, complementary practices, and peer perspectives that reflect their daily lives and lifelong pursuit.


*Source: Comscore US Media Metrix/Multi-platform, Key Measures November 2020

*Source: Comscore US Media Metrix/Multi-platform, % Change in Media Trend, November 2019/November 2020

*Source: Comscore US Media Metrix/Multi-platform, Media Trend, June 2019 - November 2020

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