‘Healthline Together’ Announces Migraine Healthline App for iOS and Android

New Social Network Empowers ‘Living Beyond’ Migraines Through Compassion, Support and Knowledge

SAN FRANCISCO – February 19, 2020Healthline Media today announced the launch of a new application, Migraine Healthline, designed to help the 39 million Americans who live with migraine headaches minimize discomfort and “live beyond” their symptoms through compassion, support and knowledge. It’s available immediately in the iOS and Android app stores.

Migraine Healthline is the fourth in the “Healthline Together” suite of chronic condition social network apps that Healthline Media introduced in late 2018. The apps help address the social isolation people feel when living with chronic conditions and bolster trust and security between consumers and the health care system, while also providing a positive and safe place for people with the condition to come together and share support – right from their smartphones. Filled with helpful content and thoroughly vetted healthcare advice, Healthline Together apps include a holistic news feed with curated content, as well as new member matches and group discussions for addressing questions associated with support and treatment experiences.

People also can leverage Healthline Media apps to keep abreast of the latest in trusted wellness information for their specific condition, including articles, podcasts, blogs, and other resources such as condition-specific groups and associations. Push notifications keep people up to date in nearly real time, while one-to-one messaging, user matching, live chat, and member search empower users to stay connected as much or as little as they would like. Healthline privacy features ensure maximum control, and users can choose to remain anonymous if they wish.

A Successful Community Platform

Migraine Healthline will build on the success of other Healthline Together apps, which have established deep and lasting relationships with people experiencing chronic health conditions. Across a number of chronic conditions, Healthline apps deliver the latest research and breakthroughs, as well as cater to those who want to use their voice, those who want to watch and observe, and those who need a shoulder to lean on, while providing a resource for people who wish to mentor their others who experience the same chronic conditions. The company’s app portfolio includes:

  • Breast Cancer Healthline – the #2 ranked app for breast cancer, launched in late 2018 and rated 4.7 stars
  • IBD Healthline – the #1 ranked app for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), the #3 ranked app for colitis, and the #4 ranked app for Crohn’s disease, launched in early 2019
  • MS Buddy – the #2 ranked app for multiple sclerosis, launched in 2016 and rated 4.5 stars

Healthline Together apps combine the best in social features required by chronic condition audiences and package actionable information and support into a compelling, world-class experience that drives a high degree of user engagement. More than 40,000 people are members of Healthline Together apps, use them nearly 20 times each month, and interact with their Healthline apps for an average of 65 minutes per month, placing Healthline among the highest-engagement apps in the health and wellness sector.

“We created Migraine Healthline because social connection and information sharing are important elements of an overall treatment plan for chronic conditions,” said Todd Zander, vice president and general manager of Healthline Together Apps. “Our previous success with apps for breast cancer, IBD and multiple sclerosis has demonstrated conclusively that social connections, community and reliable information are integral to managing these conditions, and we’re excited to apply our proven expertise to the large numbers of Americans who deal with migraine headaches.”

Healthline Together Apps: Community, Connections and Friends

Healthline Together apps are designed to create and nurture communities that help people with like conditions connect. In addition to ameliorating a number of common issues such as treatments and side effects, relationships and friendships are often formed when people meet in condition-specific communities. For example, the relationship between Bridget DeSimone and Nicole Seaman, both residents of New York, is a byproduct of the Breast Cancer Healthline app. Bridget and Nicole met online and discovered that not only were they both new mothers diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, but also that they lived only 30 minutes apart on Long Island. Bridget reflects: “We would check in on each other daily during surgery recoveries and chemotherapy. We are there for each other, giving each other courage at our times of fear and worry in a way that no one else can understand, as well as honoring each victory we made through our battles.”

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