Healthline Media Unveils New Insights Into Shifting Health Priorities of Women by Generation

New findings spotlight how women from different generations navigate the digital world for health and wellness solutions.

Today Healthline Media unveiled key survey insights about women’s top health goals, health information research habits and healthcare centric social media usage trends - broken down by generation. The results were revealed by Chief Health Officer, Dr. Jenny Yu, during her keynote at the Women’s Health Business conference at the Xpectives.Health summit in Boston, MA.  

At every age and stage, what women look for in health and wellness changes – and their digital habits reflect their shifting priorities. Healthline Media’s survey uncovered: 

  • Older generations rely on one spot for their digital health and wellness information. 57% of Boomers and 61% of Generation X prefer to use general health websites like Healthline to research or find answers.

  • Gen Z and millennials tend to source their information from a wide variety of sources, especially from social media. 73% of millennials and Gen Z flock to Instagram and 64% rely on Youtube.

  • Women from every generation report weight loss or being more active as one of their leading health and wellness goals. 37% of Boomers, 35% of Gen X and 21% of Millennials and Gen Z say weight loss is their top priority. 

  • Women of all ages want to manage their stress.  29% of Gen X and 27% of Millennials and Gen Z report reducing stress and anxiety as their leading health and wellness goal.

“The results validated that specific health needs, desires and habits of women change based on the stage of their life,” said Dr. Jenny Yu. “Each phase of a woman’s life requires different energy and needs in fitness, sleep, nutrition as it relates to the demands of that phase – physiologically and emotionally. Digital health information platforms can create tailored solutions for these info-seekers in a more personalized way.

The survey was conducted by Healthline Media among a sample of 1166 US women between March 1 and March 7, 2023 and weighted to be nationally representative based on age, ethnicity and region. 

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