Healthline Media Partners with Vichy Laboratoires, a L'Oreal Group Dermatological Skin Care Brand Bringing Skin Health to Consumers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 7, 2022 – Leading health information provider Healthline Media is partnering with Vichy Laboratoires, a L’Oréal Group french pharmacy skin and scalp care brand, as the Main Category Launch Sponsor as part of their new Healthline Skin Care initiative, launching September 2022. The platform's new, interactive content hub will feature medically-backed, inclusive content pieces sponsored by Vichy.

Healthline Skin Care will house a Vichy sponsored category page inclusive of a co-branded sponsor bar and advertisements across the campaign hub. Curated content will help readers connect the dots between  their skin care and skin health needs and goals, using data-driven insights from skincare experts and dermatologists and personalized solutions. 

"Healthline Media continues to lead in providing science-backed, medically reviewed and diversified health content for our consumers," said Dr. Jenny Yu, Head of Medical Affairs at Healthline Media. Yu added, "A partnership with Vichy, a L’Oreal group pharmacy brand, in our skincare initiative, highlights our commitment to bring industry’s best to our readers. In an age where one can get skincare information from any source or social channel, we differentiate by elevating expert voices supported by science and research."

As the Main Category Launch Sponsor, Vichy will also sponsor a special ingredient-focused feature – which will demystify skin care “buzzwords” and celebrate dermatologist recommended, need-to-know ingredients – to help Healthline Media readers understand what they truly need in an ever-growing influx of skincare products and maximize their skin health. 

“In a world where skincare content is easily accessible to a wide-ranging audience across social media, the information gleaned is only as reliable and accurate as the person making the content,” said  Vichy’s Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Mary Sommerlad. “This occasionally means that opinions can be misleading and portrayed as evidence-based skin care. Vichy is thrilled to partner with Healthline Media as they remain committed to providing readers with credible and actionable content that is inclusive and diverse to address various skin health needs.”

Healthline Media’s joint efforts with the leading beauty company will help consumers understand their beauty concerns offering tailored solutions through tech-based tools and platforms such as Healthline Skin Care. The UK-based partnership represents Healthline Media and Vichy’s  commitment to whole person health – through a diverse and personalized approach – bringing skin health knowledge to consumers.

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About Vichy Laboratoires:

Dr-founded French pharmacy skincare brand, Vichy Laboratoires, founded in 1931 is on a mission to empower all women and men to maximize the health of their skin and scalp at every stage of life through innovative and targeted product portfolio and rigorous testing procedures. 

Vichy’s commitment to skin health science is underpinned by pioneering research into exposome science for more than 40 years. Exposome science is the study of how people’s lifestyles and environments impact the health of their skin. It considers the internal factors such as hormonal variations, sleep quality, diet  and external factors, such as UV, pollution and climate change, that affect the skin’s biological function. We gather a multi-disciplinary board of experts to continue developing the knowledge behind skin health and exposome science.

As a brand, Vichy has a role to play that goes beyond products. We aim to leverage our science to have a positive impact on women’s health beyond their skin. We aim to improve their quality of life by adopting a global holistic approach to hormones and partnering with health care professionals and organizationsto improve the way women’s health is supported during menopause.

As part of the L’Oréal for the Future program and as an international dermo-cosmetic brand emblematic of the L’Oréal Group, Vichy is committed to pushing the boundaries of health to contribute directly to an ambitious sustainable strategy to reduce our impact from the selection of our ingredients and the design of our formulas to the methods we use to test them and our packaging choices, until the end of life of the product through recycling. 

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