Healthline Media Bans Political Ads as It Seeks to Present Unbiased Information About Political Issues

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 11, 2019 – Healthline Media, the No. 1 online health media property in the U.S. with 86 million monthly unique visitors, has determined it will block all political advertising from appearing on its network of properties effectively immediately.

The company’s flagship property,, a top source for accessible and accurate information on all things health-related, is planning a series of articles about U.S. healthcare issues related to the presidential election, complete with information about what each of the leading candidates is proposing as it relates to the healthcare system. The coverage will start with the lead-up to Super Tuesday on March 3, 2020, and continue through to Election Day in November.

 The company’s leadership decided it’s best to keep all political ads – which in today’s political climate can become the subject of fierce debates themselves – off Healthline properties entirely.

“Our goal is to present the most accurate and unbiased information anywhere, both when it comes to your health care and discussions about potential changes to the current healthcare system in America,” said David Kopp, Healthline Media’s President and CEO. “It’s imperative that we’re not perceived as political in any way, especially through political ads that advocate one candidate over another.”

Kopp added that to running political ads also includes the risk of spreading misinformation.  “Rather than spending time verifying the accuracy of political advertisements, we’re dedicating our resources on providing the most comprehensive evidence-based health information on the web,” Kopp said.

In addition to campaign ads, Healthline Media will block issue-related ads that are political in nature; that could include ads about family planning or related to mental health issues and violence. Healthline Media will prohibit all such ads from its properties, which, in addition to, include and

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