Americans Are Optimistic About Intersection of Health and Technology, According to ‘Future of Wellness’ Healthline Media Report

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91% of consumers know health innovations can improve connections between health, wellness, body, and mind; strong interest provides opportunities among diverse audiences

NEW YORK – OCTOBER 18, 2021 – A majority of Americans are excited about health and wellness innovations, according to the Future of Wellness Special Report released today by Healthline Media, the #1 digital health and wellness property. The report includes new survey results showing Americans’ excitement about the intersection of technology, health, and well-being, and calls attention to seismic shifts driving consumer demand for a wider definition of wellness for every body and mind.

Released at this year’s Advertising Week conference, the Future of Wellness uncovers today’s emerging consumer wellness trends across the key categories of nutrition, fitness, sleep, and mental health. In the report, Healthline Media explores perceptions and adoptions around technology and innovation to help guide marketers to identify new opportunities by taking a whole-person approach to wellness. In a keynote presentation, Healthline Media Vice President of Brand, Insights, and Communications Laurie Dewan shared top consumer trends and cultural shifts revealing new market opportunities -- and the potential for marketers to help create a future of wellness that belongs to everyone. 

Healthline Media’s new research revealed surprisingly strong levels of optimism and emotional connection to health and wellness technology. Consumers overwhelmingly agreed that health and wellness innovations can help them: 

  • IMPROVE: 91% of consumers say innovations could improve people’s quality of life

  • CONNECT: 91% say innovations could illuminate connections between wellness, bodies, and minds

  • INSPIRE: 79% are inspired by the latest wellness tech research

  • LIVE WELL: 77% feel health innovations fit in well with their lifestyle

  • LIVE A HOLISTIC LIFE: 68% believe that health innovations are essential for living a holistic life; this rate is significantly higher for Millennials and parents

  • LIVE SUSTAINABLY: 73% say health technologies and innovations help people practice sustainability; agreement is significantly higher among Black, Asian, and Hispanic respondents as well as Millennials and Gen Z.

Those who have tried wellness technologies rated their experiences as overwhelmingly positive 

(94-95%) across nutrition, fitness, sleep, and mental health. Specific technologies that earned the most “extremely positive” ratings include: 

  • Smart scales (71% extremely positive)

  • Smart alarm clocks (75%)

  • Fitness trackers (72%)

  • Light therapy for mental health (72%)

Future of Wellness also highlights opportunities for marketers to connect with people who are excited about wellness innovation but may not have access to the products and services. The report identified numerous “wellness gaps” where interest in new technologies was higher than current adoption across different demographic groups. For example: 

  • 52% of Black, Hispanic, or Asian respondents said they consider themselves early adopters of wellness technology (vs. 32% for white respondents), yet adoption rates for many new wellness technologies were much higher among white respondents. This suggests greater opportunity for brands to connect with interested consumers through inclusive messaging and design that centers all experiences.  

  • 69% of respondents said health and wellness technologies are too expensive, yet some of the most consistently highly used and best-known innovations were low-cost solutions like smartphone apps. Through better education about the cost of wellness innovations, and marketing strategies that bring more innovation within reach of people of all incomes, brands can connect with a new audience of excited and optimistic consumers.

“Our research revealed the strong emotional connection that people have with wellness technology to help them live strong, holistic, and sustainable lives. This optimism and potential provides a dramatic opportunity for the health and wellness industry to widen the aperture, connect with new and enthusiastic audiences, and create the future of wellness for all,” Dewan said.

Dewan also is scheduled to host a panel discussion with brand leaders to discuss how they’re working with communities around physical and mental well-being to shift this narrative and what marketers can learn for the future.


Healthline Media VP Laurie Dewan (far right), moderated discussion with (left to right) Deb Benovitz, Global Senior Vice President of Consumer Insights and Community Impact, WW; Sinikiwe Dhliwayo, Founder of Naaya Wellness, Freelance Creative Director and Part Time Faculty at Parsons; and Wilma Mae Basta, Founder and Chief Executive of DRK Beauty Healing.

The Future of Wellness report is now live at Anyone can download the report for free. Anyone can also access for free the Future of Wellness Hub for complete program elements at

This report will be followed by a large-scale consumer program launching on in early 2022, continuing the dialogue with audiences on the evolving state of wellness today, what’s shaping the future, and empowering consumers to actively explore new ways to live healthier.


The survey of more than 2,102 U.S. adults was conducted by Op4G (Opinions for Good) on behalf of Healthline Media in August 2021. Data was weighted to ensure it is representative of the general U.S. population of adults 18 years and older.

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