It’s Time to Act for Mental Well-Being

From athletics to work life to celebrity culture, mental health is having a moment in the health and wellness cultural zeitgeist more than ever before. And in the wake of a global pandemic, it’s clear that people need resources and relief. What can health marketers do to provide solutions?

Go in-depth on mental well-being

Explore the state of mental wellness among U.S. audiences. Learn about supporting families and youth, why it might be time for a social media break, and how brands can do more for more people.

What We've Learned

Parents and youth urgently need mental wellness support

Our survey confirmed that parents and families need mental well-being support. Wellness brands can do more — from supporting a social media detox to focusing on sleep solutions.


The right approach means information can reach and resonate with more people

Taking an effective, empathetic approach to mental wellness resources makes a difference. Today’s trends include a focus on the mind-body connection, small-steps guidance, and similar purpose-built strategies.