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87% of Medical News Today consumers consider health information websites as the most valued sources of healthcare information, above pharma sites

For these curious consumers who need science-backed health information, Medical News Today delivers clarity in the voice of an intellectual peer. Editors design all content to speak to consumers in an approachable and accessible tone, so that information is digestible and practical for the scientifically curious consumer. 

Consumer focus

96% of the Medical News Today audience are consumers

Across the United States and United Kingdom, Medical News Today engage a scientifically curious audience of over 36 million, with their evidence-backed content and objective, clear, and concise perspective. MNT use an intellectual yet empathetic approach, encouraging readers to come up with their own course of action for their health journey. 

Chronic condition community

72% are interested in the science behind their condition, and researching online gives them the confidence to speak knowledgeably

For people with conditions such as psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and migraine (among others), there is a need for information and tools that will help them live their lives as fully as possible. Whether it is condition information, updates on treatment developments, or management recommendations for their daily lives, Medical News Today help these consumers develop a deep understanding of their specific health journey. 

The MNT editorial team and network of medical experts strive to arm these communities with the science behind their conditions. This helps them feel empowered to make shared decisions with their doctor. In fact, 72% will conduct online research before visiting their doctor.


People with these chronic conditions trust Medical News Today for this content, as 96% of these visitors are exclusive to MNT, while 4% visit both MNT and (a sister site under the Healthline Media property). This means that there is an incredibly large qualified audience referring to this site for condition-specific information that is unique to MNT.

Growth and consumer needs

Medical News Today have seen a tremendous growth of 810% since their Healthline Media acquisition in 2016. Because of the trusted content they provide, their deep understanding of consumer needs, and their ability to drive people to take action, MNT also perform well in search. In fact, 91% of MNT traffic comes from organic search.


As the #4 health information site in the U.S., Medical News Today continue to make an impact and provide consumers with the science-backed health information they need to live their lives as fully as possible.

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