Living with Type 2 Diabetes: How Gender Influences Emotions

This is the second blog post in a series on the findings from Healthline’s “State of Type 2 Diabetes” research report, examining the day-to-day experiences and feelings of people living with type 2 diabetes.

Living with type 2 diabetes is complicated. Our recent “State of Type 2 Diabetes” survey revealed a sliding scale of feelings and experiences across generations – but the divide doesn’t end there. Significant disparities exist between women and men living with type 2 diabetes, especially as it relates to their feelings and relationships with others.

These findings require marketers to be agile and customize their approach and strategy to address the varying needs of women and men alike.

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_“State of Type 2 Diabetes“ is the fifth release as part of the ongoing “State of…” series that explores key disease states affecting the modern health consumer, and uncovers differences across generations in how they use resources and approach their care.

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