Healthline Extends Its Patient Advocacy to the 2017 Race to Erase MS

Since 1993, the Race to Erase MS has raised funds to research and help find the cause and cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). In May 2017, Healthline sponsored the gala and celebrated the work of Nancy Davis, the organization’s founder.

“As a provider of health information and advocate for our readers, we aim to not only participate through sponsorship of this incredible fundraiser, we also want to shed new light on the fight to eradicate this disease utilizing our team’s creative content capabilities,” said Nan-Kirsten Forte, the senior vice president of brand marketing at Healthline.

To that end, Arnetta Hollis, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her early 30’s — six weeks after her 2016 wedding — interviewed celebrities on the Race to Erase MS red carpet in Los Angeles. Hollis’s red carpet video on Healthline’s Living with Multiple SclerosisFacebook page received 20,000 views, 75 shares, and 319 likes.

Hollis, a Texan who discovered Healthline’s MS Buddy app shortly after she was diagnosed, said she was able to find her voice through the app. The MS Buddy app matches people with MS who have similar profiles in order to promote peer support, allowing those who may not have otherwise connected to do so in a mobile social setting. When Healthline sought a representative of the MS community to conduct red-carpet interviews, Hollis stood out as the perfect choice.

Since her diagnosis, Hollis has been a quick study in all things MS-related. During the event’s accompanying MS Forum and Expo, she sat alongside the nation’s top doctors and researchers on a panel for the Center Without Walls, a network of select MS research centers.

By sponsoring Race to Erase MS, Healthline supports research toward the fight against MS, aligning with their mission to build a stronger, healthier world.

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