5 Trends Shaping Health & Wellness Purchasing Behaviors


Today’s consumers are more connected and resourceful than ever. Directed by macro factors like rising costs, inflation and emerging channels, consumer motivations and behaviors are shifting drastically. To stay in step with these changes, brands need to understand not only what consumers want, but how and where they shop in the health and wellness space.

Using proprietary research and analyzing how consumers interact with our own websites, we identified five trends shaping the future of health and wellness purchasing. Learn how you can build your brand marketing and advertising to meet people where they are and deliver what they want.

1. Consumers want detailed product information

No matter where they are in their purchasing journey, today’s research-minded consumers are motivated to go beyond the surface. Research conducted on Healthline shows that among consumers interested in purchasing health and wellness products, many will conduct deep dives, researching not just what the product is, but its compatibility with their needs, how it stacks up against similar products, and more.

  • 29% of consumers want to learn about different product types and benefits early on

  • 38% of users conduct comparison research to find the best product for them

  • 51% prefer detailed product information over summarized information

2. Consumers prioritize health despite cost challenges

While factors such as inflation and an increased cost of living have prompted consumers to become more cost-conscious, and 34% stated they’re struggling to keep up with the cost of living, they’re still motivated to find ways to maintain their health and wellness.

Past Shifts

  • 53% purchased cheaper groceries or food

  • 45% shopped at more affordable grocery stores and markets

  • 37% purchased fewer or more affordable personal care products

Future Priorities

  • 48% would maintain their current health insurance plan

  • 40% would continue using vitamins, minerals, and supplements as they normally would

  • 34% will proceed with receiving preventive medical care and/or “check-ups”

3. Trust and expertise take center stage

With the rise of misinformation and an abundance of health and wellness products available on the market, today’s consumers who are interested in purchasing health and wellness products want a trusted guide to lead them through their purchasing journey. They value expert insights and in-depth research that can help them make confident choices regarding their well-being, no matter the platform.

  • 56% of consumers say recommendations from health experts matter most to consumers when choosing health and wellness products based on online product information

  • 74% are motivated to make purchases through social media based on recommendations they trust, whether from brands, influencers, or people in health communities

4. Influencers impact awareness and action

Influencer marketing is more than just a buzzword, consumers are turning to influencers for authentic recommendations, in-depth reviews, and genuine interactions. They value the personal touch and reliability that these social influencers bring to traditional advertising methods.

  • 53% of consumers chose to follow health and wellness influencers because they’re trustworthy

  • 44% follow influencers to get reviews or recommendations on health and wellness products and services

  • 39% of people made a purchase through social media because it was recommended by an influencer they trust

5. Social media drives research and action—on and off platform

Curious consumers are driven to learn more about what they see on their social feeds. For many, social media is an important channel through which they gather information, seek recommendations, and engage with brands.

  • 69% are likely to do further research online or on social media

  • 26% are likely to purchase a recommended product or service after engaging with health and wellness content on social media

  • 43% of individuals have purchased a health and wellness product or service directly on a social channel – such as through shoppable posts, marketplaces or shared links

Embrace Today’s Trends with Healthline Media

Purchasing decisions, like other elements of a health and wellness journey, are not linear. Being able to understand—and track—audience mindsets and intentions is critical to driving efficient and effective advertising. With insight into these emerging trends and partnering with leaders like Healthline Media that offer solutions that drive well-being, you can ensure your brand is meeting consumers with the right message at the right time to drive action. Get shopping on a range of actionable solutions you can activate today based on your brand goals:

  • Product inclusion: Actionable tips and product recommendations that are tested and hand-selected by our editors and staffers. With the seamless content-to-cart experience, users can shop as they read, making the buying process quick and easy.

  • Shoppable media: Capture interest from users who are actively researching health and wellness products across display media, newsletters, and social, enabling them to shop and check out with ease.

  • Data targeting: Reach ready-to-act wellness audiences in the shopper mindset who are actively seeking products and poised to make decisions, powered by our first-party wellness segments.

To get more detail on these solutions that can help you reach consumers and make the most of these purchasing trends, email Healthline Media or contact your sales representative today.

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