Democratising Skin Health: How Vichy Laboratoires Makes a Difference


Today’s skincare consumers are looking for science-backed solutions for diverse skin types and tones. Here’s how Vichy Laboratoires delivers.

Today’s skincare and beauty consumers are thinking bigger than the trends — they want skin health solutions that work for them. They are actively looking for science-backed information and products that support both their skin health and overall well-being. 

At the same time, People of Colour or those with multicultural backgrounds are more likely to have trouble finding what they need to meet their skin health goals. 

Today’s skincare brands are stepping up to make a difference. We talked to Dr. Mary Sommerlad, consultant dermatologist at Vichy Laboratoires, a L'Oreal Group pharmacy skincare brand, for her perspective. Read on to learn how Vichy is bringing transparency to the industry and democratising skin health for all skin types and tones. 

Consumers Demand Skin Health Solutions that Speak to Their Needs

Since the pandemic, consumers have been highly conscious of how everything they do or buy ties back to their overall well-being, including their skin health. A high prevalence of skin conditions makes this a priority, as 60%* of people in the U.K. have or previously had a skin condition.

Dr. Sommerlad has noticed a change in patient habits and concerns: “Since the pandemic, I have found the majority of patients coming to see me are much more aware of the fundamentals of skincare and what healthy skin means. They are more aware that healthy skin is not just important for physical health but that it also has an impact on our mental health and well-being overall.”

Today’s consumers are looking for more transparency and effectiveness from their products. Dr. Sommerlad explained, “They are more likely to be results oriented: they want skincare that is effective but also sustainable and affordable, as they are aware of the importance of long-term, consistent skincare. They are more evidence focused and more likely to question why ingredients are being used.”

Today’s consumers expect transparency and science-backed information. That means it’s time for brands to have more honest conversations about what they are offering and how it suits consumers’ needs. 

Consumers Look for Personalised, Diverse Skincare Solutions

Consumers, and especially underserved groups, are looking for a more personalised experience. People with black and brown skin have specific skincare needs, such as for ageing, acne treatment, and skin protection, but this is not necessarily reflected in how products are formulated or marketed. Black or brown skin is also more prone to hyperpigmentation after irritation or trauma. 

It’s critical for skincare brands to bring diversity to the forefront, ensuring they design, test, and market their products for all skin types and tones. For instance, Dr. Sommerlad noted that “creating ranges that are low irritation and excel in hydration without triggering blemishes is really important.” She went on to explain that “Vichy is making skincare products more accessible to all by including testing protocols of Mineral 89 in over 3500 people from different populations throughout the world, and on a variety of different phototypes and skin types.” 

Consumers Deserve Democratised Dermatology

Dermatology can provide the personalised health insights people need, but it’s critical that dermatologists have sufficient training for all skin colours. 

Dr. Sommerlad spoke to the importance of diversity in her profession, saying, “As a dermatologist, I ensure that any work I present on skin diseases reflects a wide range of skin tones so that colleagues such as GPs, medical students and other Allied Healthcare professionals (eg. nurses and pharmacists) can appreciate the same disease in a different skin tone.”

As a consultant dermatologist for Vichy, she strives to stay up to date with relevant developments in the skincare industry. She explained, “This includes attending international meetings such as Skin Alliance where renowned key opinion leaders in the fields of dermatology and skincare give updates on the latest research and innovations. Important innovations in diverse skin tones include a deeper understanding of the impact of visible light on excess pigmentation and what skincare products can do to tackle this trigger.” 

To provide effective and safe options for a more diverse range of consumers, brands should work with not just any dermatologists, but those who have specific training around the unique needs of various skin types and tones. 

The Key ‘Ingredients’ for a Diverse Approach to Skincare Wellness

As a global leader in skin & beauty products, Vichy strategizes to make skincare products and skin health education more accessible for all. Their approach includes:

  • Transparency: Being upfront about ingredients gives people confidence that products meet their skin health goals.

  • Communication: It’s important to educate consumers on the benefits of ingredients and give them confidence in your expertise. For instance, partnering with Healthline has given Vichy a way to communicate with their customers through a trusted source.

  • Personalization: Tech-based tools and platforms can help consumers get answers to their specific questions and gain tailored solutions.

  • DEI Commitment: As part of a global company, Vichy takes a wide lens, speaking to forms of beauty in every culture and across identities. Internal DEI policies matter, too, as diverse team perspectives are invaluable for meeting today’s challenges. 

Across Healthline Media brands, our teams follow a similar playbook, bringing audiences science-backed information that focuses on fundamentals to better educate and empower our audiences. We also put diversity and personalization first, supporting people as they explore their specific skin health needs. 

For more information on Healthline Skincare or to learn how we can work together to empower audiences, contact your Healthline Media representative or email us today.

SOURCE: 60%: British Skin Foundation 

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