Content That Defined 2023


This year brought notable shifts to the world of health, while we continued our work of furthering wellbeing for all.

In 2023, we continued our commitment to accuracy and transparency, fighting against misinformation whenever and wherever we encountered it, while providing hundreds of millions of Americans with medically-backed health information to help them and their loved ones live healthier lives. 

We championed the continued breakdown of stigmas around mental health, thanks to the advocacy work of many — including our own Gabe Howard — who encourage honest dialogue and support. We also stayed true to our health equity mission, amidst the fallout of the Roe v. Wade reversal, continued legislation against trans healthcare, and growing disparities in maternal health. 

Across,,,, and, we continued our mission of driving wellbeing forward for consumers.

The Topics That Got Us Talking in 2023

GLP-1 drugs for weight loss. The use of GLP1s, including specific brands Ozempic and Mounjaro, for weight loss has drawn traffic and engagement across all of our domains this year. People wanted to understand all aspects of these emerging options, including their effectiveness, any side effects, the realities of costs, as well as personal stories from those who have taken the drugs for weight loss.

Longevity and healthy lifespan. As ever, our sites continued to  see lots of interest around healthy lifestyle habits, diet and fitness, weight loss, supplements, and other topics related to longevity. 

Diet and nutrition. The interest in better living through nutrition is only growing. We saw strong demand for supplements, meal kits and subscriptions, and weight management support. Search trends revealed that readers are interested in diet and nutrition as ways to take control of their health. 

CBD. Throughout 2023, we saw a growing consumer interest in high-quality CBD products to manage everything from sleep to sore muscles, though the top reason adults seek out CBD is to decrease stress and anxiety. We continued to present only the most credible, medically-backed products and brands that passed our stringent vetting standards.

A Few of the Most-Read Stories in 2023

These are just a few of the stories that readers engaged with the most this year. 

‘Ozempic Butt’: What to Know About This Weight Loss Drug Side Effect

Here’s what to know about a potential Ozempic side effect involving “deflated” skin in curvy body areas.

The Harvard Diet May Increase Your Chances of Living Longer by 20%

This longevity-focused nutrition plan is shown to lower rates of cancer, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and death.

Longevity: Weight loss may lower odds of reaching 90 by 51%

A recent study found that older women were more likely to reach their 90th birthdays if they maintained a steady body weight after 60.

QUIZ: Do I have ADHD?

This short, free ADHD test is for anyone who thinks they could benefit from an evaluation.

Stomach gurgling and diarrhea: What does it mean?

Experiencing stomach gurgling could indicate an underlying condition or sensitivity — this article goes in-depth on what to know.

9 Stretches for Sciatica Pain

At-home remedies were popular this year, including these simple movements to help with sciatica pain.

Mounjaro side effects: What you should know

This story covers the side effects of the popular GLP-1 drug Mounjaro. 

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

What’s to come in 2024? Marketers will need to have an eye on adaptability — with the deprecation of cookies and the rise of AI, change is here, and we’ll be here to guide you every step of the way. At the same time, we’ll continue to keep readers informed and engaged, bringing credibility and commitment to the forefront of all we do.

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