Content that Defined 2020


2020 brought unique challenges to the forefront of our lives — the pandemic, health inequities, and the U.S. election to name a few. As the largest health information property in the United States, Healthline Media looked to our vision to make the world a stronger, healthier place and delivered trusted and approachable information to serve our audiences.

Our portfolio of online health and wellness brands including,, and (and now have tackled these topics — and how they are affecting both our physical and emotional well-being, as consumers, marketers, and humans. Let’s take a look at this 2020 retrospective.

The Themes that Defined 2020

While these themes rocked our world and widespread media consumption, Healthline Media didn’t just cover them, we went under the surface.

COVID-19: We continue to keep people up to date on COVID-19 through our live updates on both Healthline and Medical News Today, while also bringing forward in-depth coverage and perspectives: Parents on the Job: Frontline Edition, ‘I have never seen anything like this,’ says New York City doctor, and How 5 Hours in the ER Changed My Mind About the Coronavirus.

U.S. Election: We armed people with guides for voting safely across our sites (Healthline, Medical News Today, Greatist), but we also dug deeper: We examined the correlation between voting and mental well-being, gave an overview of the current state of the Affordable Care Act, and interviewed experts like VoteAmerica founder Debra Cleaver.

Health Equity: “Racism is a public health crisis. Period.” We promised our consumers, and our partners, we’d do more to address racial disparities and amplify diverse voices and perspectives within health and wellness. And we’ve started to take action:

The Headlines that Defined 2020

We wrote it. Americans engaged. Below is a look at the biggest and best reads from a year like no other.

The Cost of Medical Bias When You’re Sick, Black, and Female

You can’t get quality care if your doctor doesn’t see you as human.

In Conversation: Two HIV diagnoses and the difference a decade makes

Two individuals discuss their experiences, how care for people living with HIV has changed, and the barriers that remain to this day.

When Did Natural Beauty Get So Complicated? We Asked Experts for Help

When it comes to “clean”, “organic”, and “natural” skin care, the best beauty filter might be you, yourself, and who you choose to trust.

Your School Probably Failed When It Came to Sex Ed. Let’s Try Again

My younger sister deserves to learn about the changes her body will go through and the choices she might face before they’re already happening. We all do.

COVID-19: Is it time for male leaders to ‘lean out’?

Medical News Today spoke with a panel of experts about the gender imbalance in COVID-19 decision-making and its implications for everyone’s healthcare.

We never thought we’d be tackling some of the topics we did in 2020, as a society and culture, but we asked questions, we searched online, and we looked to others for help and guidance. Healthline Media delivers truth — told consciously — and turns passion and interest to action. For all consumers, marketers, and brands, we’ve made it through 2020, and we’ll be here for whatever 2021 brings our way.

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