The Impact of Content Creators in Chronic Condition Communities


Healthline Media’s audience insights reveal the impact that content creators have on chronic condition communities and in helping health brands gain a deeper understanding of audiences.

Within online communities focused on chronic conditions, who but content creators understand audiences the most? They are the heartbeat of their communities, paving the way for meaningful connection and deep engagement, enabling other members to learn, discuss, and feel empowered.

Healthline Media recognizes the unique power of content creators, and our communities provide a social-first space where creator voices can take leading roles and make a positive impact. 

By actively fostering relationships with content creators, elevating their voices, and relying on their expertise, health marketers can align with chronic condition audiences and reach them where they are far more effectively.

Content Creators Are the Pillars of Their Communities

Content creators are the peers and leaders who have become empowered to share their personal stories and experiences with the rest of their community. They often share writing, imagery, or other multimedia content that educates, entertains, and emotionally engages with audiences who are eager for personal experiences.

They reflect their communities. Beneath it all, content creators are just like any other member of their community. They have a vested interest in their conditions and in learning how to live and thrive with that condition.


“I originally started creating content around diabetes because I never saw myself reflected in the community. I felt like I was looking for people like me, but they were hard to find.”

— Mila Clarke, Type 2 Diabetes Advocate, @TheHangryWoman

They lead their communities. Content creators play a major role in guiding and inspiring community members to engage more deeply with the community and with their condition.


“Not everyone wants to decipher the newest studies. I try to break down that content and present it in a very accessible way so they can discuss it with their doctors.”

— Eileen Zollinger, Migraine Advocate, co-founder of Migraine Strong

The Power of Creating Content

Content creators spark conversations and lead discussions around topics or perspectives on their condition. They share advice and have the power to foster specific values and establish new norms on the condition. According to our research, 43% of those with health conditions value or trust the advice of content creators.

So what does it mean to create content for chronic condition communities?

It means telling personal stories. Content creator narratives are relatable and help organize and give meaning to difficult experiences.


“When I was first diagnosed, I was so ashamed of what I was going through that I didn't want anyone to know I was anything but normal. I find so much relief and joy now that I feel comfortable sharing my story.”

— Holly Fowler, Autoimmune Health Coach, @hollsfowler

It means sharing diverse perspectives. Unique voices expand awareness of what it means to live with a health condition.


“The perception of diabetes among my circle has changed. People don't view it as, "If you just did X, you wouldn't have diabetes." Me talking about it has helped them learn that it's complex, it takes a lot of energy, and it's not easy to manage.”

— Mila Clarke

It fosters authenticity and relatability. Content can provide a window into the real, everyday challenges of having a health condition, and sharing daily experiences can validate and normalize experiences.


“Each time I share the vulnerable truth about the darkness of chronic illness, I am humbly surprised by the empathy that others in similar positions mirror back to me. I am grateful daily for the community of souls I get to connect with who help me feel so seen and validated in my healing journey.”

— Natalie Sayre, Migraine Advocate, @mindfulnatalie

Activating Content Creator Insights with Bezzy

To unlock the overwhelming benefits of content creators, it’s essential that health marketers:

  • Partner with brands who lean on content creators and the high levels of trust between them and audiences

  • Seek partners who collaborate with creators to better understand audiences and receive valuable feedback and expertise

  • Rely on brands that use content creator insights to perceive new trends and emerging narratives related to health conditions

Healthline Media sees the immense value of content creators, which is why they are an essential part of Bezzy. Bezzy is a platform that provides safe spaces for individuals living with chronic conditions to connect with creators and peers and allows for meaningful connections, shared vulnerability, and deep user engagement.

To learn more about how Healthline Media is partnering with content creators to cultivate community engagement, visit or contact us today.

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