A Data Feedback Loop: Our Teamwork Behind Attribute


In health, data is a big part of how we understand audiences and help guide them toward healthy action. Advertisers need to understand not just what their data partners can offer them, but how they build strategies and solutions. 

Go in-depth on data with Alyssa Kopelman, Director of Corporate Marketing at Healthline Media, Josh Moffett, Senior Director of Data, and Marta Colussi, Director of Performance Analytics. As experts in the field, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in harnessing data for optimal health outcomes. 

Listen and discover the advantages behind our: 

  • Data-Driven Mindset: Discover the integral role of data in organizational structure and approach.

  • Continuous Improvement Process: Uncover the power of using continuous evolution to enhance data solutions.

  • Data Feedback Loop: Learn how to cultivate a feedback loop that propels client results and fosters healthier audience outcomes.

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