Healthline Media’s Guiding Approach

Together, we are making a positive impact. Our impact starts here. We are shaping the future of health and well-being.

Everyone deserves an equal chance to live their best, healthiest lives.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging are core to our values at Healthline Media. We’re working to make an impact on the health of the world today — and as we hope to see it in the future. 
We take direct action to dismantle the disparities that exist today for our audience, our partners, and our people. We proactively seek out diverse voices and perspectives in the people we hire and the partners we collaborate with to enrich our health coverage, amplify unheard stories, and move the conversation forward. 
We’re here to help create a stronger, healthier world for all people — and all means all.

“At Healthline, we prioritize creating an environment where all feel safe and supported. We actively engage and amplify a variety of voices, identities, and perspectives across the health and wellness spectrum to ensure that our culture and our content reflects the diversity we see in our everyday world.”

-Erin Edge, Editor in Chief, Healthline (Read on)


Inclusion at Every Level

Long-term impact starts from within. Here are just some of the tools we’ve implemented to make Healthline Media more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

With Our Audience

With Our People

With Our Partners

Conscious Language Guides to ensure we use inclusive, non-stigmatizing language

Diverse recruitment and measurement for our employees and freelancers

Vetting of brands and partners for medical and business standards 

Content campaigns to raise awareness for marginalized communities

Employee-wide Allyship, ERGs, DEI, and advocacy trainings 

Social Impact partner development 

Evaluations of content for language, medical accuracy, and DEI information 

Updated performance management process to offer bias-checks 

Collaboration with non-profit programs to bring forward marginalized voices 

“Only by sharing and acknowledging a wide range of experiences can we build a community that is inclusive for people of all identities, means, and abilities.”

-Rita Mauceri, Editor in Chief, Greatist (Read on)


“At Psych Central, we are dedicated to creating inclusive teams, and we actively seek team members who bring unique experiences, curiosity and an eagerness to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion.”

-Faye McCray, Editor in Chief, Psych Central (Read on)


Impact that Goes Beyond

Peek behind the curtain to see the rigorous practices and initiatives various Healthline Media teams have implemented, and how they’re holding themselves - and the company - accountable. Dive in by clicking a path below.

“We listen to, engage with, and amplify diverse voices through our culture and our content in order to create a platform and a community that is inclusive, representative, and relevant to all.”

-Robin Hough, Editor in Chief, Medical News Today (Read on)


At Healthline Media, our medical and editorial integrity is everything; so we hold ourselves to the strictest standards, from the brands we work with to the language we use.

In the News

Social Impact for All

Everyone deserves the equal opportunity to be their best, regardless of who they are, where they live, or how much money they make. See below for a featured list of organizations that we work and collaborate with.

(RED) | Ad Council | American Lung Association | BEAM| | BWHI | DiabetesSisters | DRK Beauty | Multiple Sclerosis Association of America | National Ovarian Cancer Coalition | Planned Parenthood | Prevention Institute | Tempest | The Dravet Foundation | The Stability Network | The Trevor Project | Volunteer Match

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