The Healthline Media Data Studio platform optimizes advertisers’ performance at scale built on proprietary insights of engaged, action-minded health and wellness audiences.
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Our Competitive Advantage

million people turn to Healthline Media every month
million users have 3+ engagements with each month
proprietary intent signals from 3,000+ proprietary 1P segments

Enhanced Capabilities Now Offer

Sequential Messaging

Push users down the funnel by delivering multiple, different creatives in sequence to the same audience, nudging them towards the next best health action.



High Intent retargeting utilizing consumer behavioral data and actions on site, derived from 0P, 1P, and known user data based on data and machine learning for broader or more granular targeting.


Predictive AQ Targeting

(Available for chronic condition audiences only)
Extend audience reach to incremental consumers who are predicted to have high AQ through data science models.


The Power of Reach - Optimized by Attribute

Make better media decisions based on Healthline Media proprietary data in categories that profoundly impact all consumers’ lives


user touchpoints into meaningful insights that drive wellbeing


traditional targeting through proprietary insights and meticulous segmentation


media solutions and unlock our Zero- and First-party data to drive measurable results at scale

Meet audiences when and where they need it most

Reach out to your Healthline Media representative or Julie Dayton for more information on how your brand can leverage powerful data targeting with Attribute.


Comscore January 2024, US only;  *Healthline proprietary web analytics data, U.S. Only, Jan - May 2023. Jan remains the highest month with 25M users having over 3 engagements.