Dear ______, Each Community Is Different

In these times of physical distancing, social connection and community are more important than ever. At Healthline Media, we see the impact that chronic conditions have on people’s everyday lives and are approaching those living with chronic conditions with even more open eyes, ears and hearts as they navigate their new reality in light of COVID-19. 

To understand what kind of information is most helpful to the chronic condition community right now, we surveyed the communities of our Healthline Together apps for MS, breast cancer, IBD and migraine. We found that each condition group had different feelings about COVID-19, and that listening to and understanding the unique needs of each community is key to making marketing and media strategies most meaningful today. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

Initial analysis within our chronic condition communities of more than 57,000 members showed that people living with chronic conditions don’t fit a one-size-fits-all approach to COVID-19. After reviewing the posts and comments in our apps in early March, we saw that each condition group had a different overall feeling toward the virus, as you can see from the feedback below:

The data shows that “each community faces different challenges and realities during COVID-19,” said Casey Cronin, Senior Manager of Marketing and Community at Healthline Media. “It is of the utmost importance for us to listen to what each community is saying so we can offer the right support on an individual level.”

Community Insights

We tested our observations with a follow-up online survey sent to more than 800 app members during the period March 23 through April 13, 2020.

Healthline Media will be publishing more research in the coming weeks on the impact of COVID-19 on chronic condition communities, mental health and more, but our initial research and listening show us that now more than ever, putting the audience at the center of everything you do is essential. 

Brands and marketers must understand the unique needs of condition communities in order to make their marketing and media strategies most meaningful right now. These three tips can help during these challenging times:

  • Listen so you can provide help, support, compassion and clarity
  • Connect with consumers and meet them where they are
  • Think proactively about what your audience may need in the future

At Healthline, we are doing our best to take this approach in covering COVID-19 ourselves. We have published articles and other media that examine everything from what it’s like to be immunocompromised to how people living with cancer can get proper healthcare, among other timely and accurate content.

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