Future of Wellness

Today, people recognize the exciting potential for wellness innovations in their lives. With fresh audiences interested in these technologies, the time is right to bring well-being to more people.

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Understand consumer attitudes toward nutrition, sleep, mental health, and fitness innovations, view today and tomorrow’s hottest technologies, and get insights into often-overlooked audiences.

What We've Learned

The future of wellness is bright

In our August 2021 survey we learned that many people believe in wellness technologies — that they can improve physical and mental health, boost their quality of life, keep them motivated, and more. 


Exciting innovations top the list

In key wellness categories of nutrition, fitness, sleep, and mental health, we discovered the most popular technologies today, where interest is highest for future innovations, and what consumers are looking for from brands. 


It’s time for a wider definition of wellness

When we look at race, income level, location, age, and other demographic factors, we find that interest levels often exceed today’s adoption rates — suggesting new, enthusiastic audiences are ready to try these innovations. Let’s change the narrative and bring well-being to all.


Download our Future of Wellness report

Read the results of our survey of 2,102 U.S. consumers to understand the evolving state of wellness today and what’s shaping the future. 

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SOURCE: Healthline Media and Op4G (Opinions for Good) conducted an online survey, fielding 2,102 respondents in August 2021. Data was weighted to ensure the data is representative of the general U.S. population ages 18+.

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